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At Myopia Control Optometrists, we offer a wide selection of glasses for you to pick from and can accommodate all prescriptions and preferences. Our experienced team of dispensers and optometrists can guide you through the process of picking frames to ensure that it is suitable for your prescription and is fitting perfectly. We can also take precise measurements for specialty myopia control lenses which must be customised to how the frame sits on your child’s face.

Myopia Control Optometrists
Myopia Control Optometrists

Our Range

Each of our stores have an extensive display of glasses to choose from so there is always something that will interest you. From well known fashion brands such as Ray Ban and Carrera for the stylish, sparkly and bright princess frames for the royalty, to the exciting Marvel collection for our budding super heroes. 


We are a proud stockist of Tomato Glasses which are known for their super comfortable, light and adjustable frames. They are available in many different sizes and colours which accommodate all ages, from babies to teenagers. Every Tomato frame has adjustable temples which can be lengthened to fit perfectly at every stage as your child grows every year. 


For the adventurous kids who may be a little more rough and don’t let glasses stop them from the action of everyday life – our Lipo frames are a great match as they are extra light and durable. 


Myopia Treatment Lens

At Myopia Control Optometrists, we stock good quality frames which can be used with myopia control lenses that help prevent the eyes from getting worse. Both the popular Miyosmart and Stellest lenses can be fitted into all of our frames. All of our frames are also adjustable to ensure that the lenses are centred properly. Our friendly staff can make sure that your frame is fitting properly and sitting at the right spot for optimal treatment.

Myopia Control Optometrists

Eyestore - Myopia Clinic

At Myopia Control Optometrists, we have an in-house eye store that stocks a wide range of myopia eyewear solutions. Our experienced optometrists will help you choose the best option for your needs, and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect frame or contact lens. We also offer vision exams and myopia management services to help keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.


In conclusion, Myopia Control Optometrics offers a range of myopia eyewear solutions to help correct your vision and keep your eyes healthy. Our experienced optometrists will work with you to determine the best option for your needs and ensure you receive the best possible care. Whether you need eyeglasses, contact lenses, or orthokeratology treatment, we are here to help. Visit us at our eye store or book an appointment online to learn more.

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